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Who we are

Gerl spol. s r.o. is a limited liability company finishing and colouring textile materials (with capacities available for manufacturing – sewing of clothes). It is situated in a picturesque countryside near the Krkonoše Mts. in Háje nad Jizerou, village on the half way from Semily to Jilemnice.


The history of Gerl company dates back to the 19th century, when František Gerl founded a textile factory in Háje nad Jizerou.
1884 - František Gerl is founding a textile factory for bleaching and finishing textile fabrics
1958 - the factory incorporated to the national enterprise KOLORA Semily as a Kolora enterprise 08
1993 - August, the new era of the Company is beginning when the enterprise KOLORA 08 is returned on the basis of restitution claims back to Mrs. Gizela Horáková née Gerl


Gerl Company Ltd. Háje nad Jizerou follows the textile tradition of its founder and continues in refining of textile fabrics. The production capacities are offered to the customers in particular by means of wages adjustments which means that the final treatment is made on the delivered fabrics according to demands of the customer – colouring, bleaching, mercerisation, dressing, impregnating, calendering, sanforisation, classification and wrapping. Part of the production capacities is used by the firm to finish fabrics, which are offered for sale from its own store of ready goods. The store is located right in the factory in Háje nad Jizerou. There is a wide range of textile fabrics available:
- different kinds of cotton fabrics – molinos, twills, batistes …
- 100% PAD fabrics – fabrics for sports clothes, sleeping bags, winter jackets, technical fabrics
- piece textile
Bleaching works with textile finishing in Háje nad Jizerou were founded in 1884 by František Gerl and by 1906 the factory was enlarged by colouring and mercerising room. In essence, the factory has been in operation until these day. The factory is a classic textile finishing house which carries out refining of textile fabrics on the sector of bleaching, colouring and final finishing including some special kinds as hydrophobic a.o.
Scope of the possibilities of surface textile finishing in view of raw material composition and the actual assortment of cotton fabrics, chemical fibres and flax:
Sorts of finished fabrics:
100% cotton
cotton / flax mixture
100% flax
cotton / shorn mixture
100% polyamid
Fabrics assortment:
Napkins – 100% cotton, up to 100g/m2
Batiste – 100% cotton, up to 100g/ m2
Molinos – 100% cotton, mixture, up to 150g/ m2
Bed clothes – 100% cotton, mixture, up to 200g/ m2
Twills, molinos – 100% cotton, mixture, up to 150g/ m2
Polyamid fabrics – 100% PAD, 50- 100g/ m2
Demands for finishing of fabrics of different material composition not commonly finished can be accepted after designing according to previosly agreed technical-technological conditions is carried out.
The colour patterns contain pattern shades with legalised recipe, range from white to black colour. Utility qualities of colouring are aimed in particular at required stability on light as well as by washing.

Technological possibilities of fabrics finishing

Cotton and mixture fabrics:
- both sides flame-singeing of fabric
- acting of NaOH on the fabric improves the utility qualities, glittering, feel is smoother, and colouring easier
- peroxide bleaching on full width bleaching production line with boiling and bleaching stage
- bleaching followed by pressure boiling and bleaching on production line equipped with clapots
- in full width on jiggers with prefinishing of grey linen goods on jiggers or colouring of goods first finished on full width bleaching production line
- in full width on naphtol production line with hotflue and developing part which ends with washing section with clapots, can be followed by washing on jiggers
- on drying apparatus and on stretching frames
- spreading a paste on ISOTEX placed in front of fixation frame
- up to 180°C
- starching, softening, hydrophobic treatment, optical brightening – different grades of whiteness
- under cold conditions, thermal appearance and feel quality improvement
- precipitation of fabric to required value, non-precipitable treatment can be achieved
- classification of fabric according to its qualities into respective grades
Folding and measurement
- folding of fabric according to requirements ( cm of yds ) and meansurement, doubling is carried out on measuring machines with added mechnism for doubling
- fabric is rolled in full width to little paper hollows. Fabrics folded in different ways are wrapped in paper or film including tags.
Fabrics of 100% polyamid
- in full width on jiggers including prefinishing on the same machines
- on drying apparatus and on stretching frames
- hydrophobic finish
- spreading a paste on ISOTEX placed in front of fixation frame
- isolating and hydrophobic finsh UZUKA
- ready-made finish MAHAGA
- technical finish UTIKET
- up to 180°C
- under cold condition and thermal, on a calander with steam heating up to 130°, on calenders with electric heating above 200°C – „Glazé”finish.
Classification, folding and measurement, rolling including wrapping in paper or film with tags, similarly as at the cotton and mixture fabrics.


Gerl spol. s r.o.
Háje nad Jizerou
51301 Semily

Tel.: + 420 481 685 016


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